U.S. soliders on hunt for ISIS

By Jonathan Gougisha (Senior)

ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is a terrorist group in the Middle East that strongly oppresses the Islamic religion. This group has become a focus of the United States after beheading a number of American journalists.

U.S. soldier hunt for ISIS.
U.S. soldier hunt for ISIS.

Although the president continuously says “no boots on the ground”, troops may have to enter Syria if ISIS continues to grow. The United States has already been at war in Iraq, and should not return. In the New York Times article, “Drones and the Democracy Disconnect”, it describes how sending ground troops will lead to “suffering casualties” and make ISIS “politically powerful and appealing.” These are only small side effects of sending ground troops to Iraq and Syria.

“Drones lead the way and dominate the fight against the several non-state actors we now engage” (New York Times). The previous quote stresses the need for alternatives for ground troops. Drones will prevent deaths of U.S. troops, and are a much easier way to fight ISIS. As said in the New York Times, drones “enable us to fight ISIS without getting ground troops involved.” ISIS is a growing group, and drones can deplete their numbers without depleting ours. Obama focuses on the fact that the life of a soldier is worth more than the life of a drone.

Although philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli says that field war “is the most necessary and honorable of all wars,” he is wrong because in this situation, field war will lead to the death of American soldiers. Barack Obama stated that “These strikes have helped save the lives of millions of innocent men and women,” which shows that drones are preserving those who fight for our country. Drones will result in less Americans risking their lives against ISIS. This is the best solution for the United States.

Barack Obama’s approach towards ISIS is the best approach. Sending drones instead of ground troops will keep American soldiers alive. Any plan that incorporates the destruction of ISIS, and not Americans, is the right way to go.

3 thoughts on “U.S. soliders on hunt for ISIS

  1. I think it is dangerous to send our troops back to Iraq grounds knowing that the Iraqis are already upset with us invading there turf already. Having us relocate once again will have them even more ferocious with us then ever before. I see handle this in a different manner other than sacrificing our troops


  2. Since the U.S. troops have been there for a long time in Iraq, lives have been lost. Civilian and military. But U.S. troops going back to Iraq to combat ISIS (besides U.S. troops training Iraqi Army) may not be a good idea, since most, including Iraqis and most of the American public (but I see it’s slowly changing) do not like U.S. troops on their territory. Look what had happened in the brink of the civil war of 2006-07. Like what Daisy said, Iraqis are very upset (still) for having invaded their territory. i could feel the same for the Syrians, since they are suffering in a 4 and a half year civil war. Imagine adding more insult to injury on the Syrians suffering (that is, civilian casualties). How would we feel?

    Still, we must stop ISIS, since they are just as cruel as is the case of North Korea. There are other options on the table other than U.S. troops on the battlefield combating ISIS.


  3. I believe sending in drones like Barack Obama said is a pretty good idea, but then again our soldiers are in danger. They are trying to incorporate things to keep our soldiers safe but destroy ISIS, yet they should think twice before they proceed, pretty risky.


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