Paschen Park Residents Rock the Vote

By Temitope Odedoyin (Senior)

Paschen Park – An election site for electorate in Rogers’s park district, was opened exactly at six in the morning for voters to begin to cast their vote on November 4.

Voters stand in line, prepared to cast their ballots in the gubernatorial election
Voters stand in line, prepared to cast their ballots in the gubernatorial election

Some voters began to queue as early as six on the dot. The line was full with people of different races, ages and genders. Equipment needed for voters to cast their votes were arranged properly even before the door was opened for voters.

Rachael, a young voter of Rogers Park said her experience was good.

“My experience was not bad, the line is actually faster than other places I have voted,” said Rachael.

The poll watcher that was present at the election site, frequently requested for the total amount of votes. Sheila Myrcik a republican poll watcher said this was her “first time doing this but it is interesting and also different from being a voter.”

A Poll watcher represents political parties or civil organizations. According to Myrcik poll watchers particularly make sure voters get a fair chance to vote as well as observing the arena.

“It is important to have a fair say and it is time for people to see the change in each party,” said Myrcik.

A few voters had difficulties with voting due to their change in address. Election judges had to re-direct these individuals to their correct voting sites.

Michael, a Rogers’s park resident was ready to vote but unfortunately he was not registered to vote at Paschen Park.

“The last time I voted it was at this site but since then, I have moved to a new place,” Michael said.

Election judges re-directed Michael to Potawatomie Park at 6:53, asking if he would prefer a provisional vote. Michael refused the offer saying, “I would rather risk it.”

The line rapidly increased as voters began to rush in to cast their vote before 7:00 p.m.

“This is an important election and voting is as significant as the election itself,” Vera Odedoyin said.

The door was closed at 7:00 p.m. as the election judges only attended to voters who were inside the building before this time.

As a poll watcher, Myrcik waited to get the final amount of votes.

“Voting is an individual’s inborn right. The teenagers of today should become a beneficiary by voting once they are eighteen; a politician today is a victim of decision and the future of our children,” said Nibah Khan, a student election judge.

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