Senn theater production “Metamorphoses” makes it to Illinois festival

By Almudena Rincon, Munira Jimjimo, Aadita Saxena (Seniors)

Chicago – Senn Arts Theater Department presented its adaptation of Mary Zimmerman’s “Metamorphoses” on November 14th and 15th, which was chosen for the 2015 Illinois High School Theater.

Senn's production of Metamorhoses featured kiddie pools
Senn’s production of Metamorhoses featured kiddie pools

Joel Ewing, Senn Arts Lead Theater Teacher, and Mechelle Moe, a partner from Lookingglass Company, directed the play. Thirteen students took part in this representation of Ovid’s Greek myths, playing different characters throughout the stories.

“You could see the students carry themselves differently with each character they played. They had to get out of their comfort zone,” Ewing said.

Raquel Rivas, a Senior and an actress in the play, says she can finally understand theater, thanks to the focus and caring environment  throughout the rehearsals and performances.

The idea of the play was change and transformation. This idea was represented by the color blue throughout the play, using kiddie pools representing the sea and swim noodles as weapons of war.

Andrew White, Lookingglass Theater Artistic Director, said “This has been an entirely new way of looking at the play, it’s great to see it in a new setting.” One of the most interesting things about the play was that the audience was literally on the stage. The audience was occasionally splashed with water droplets.

“It has been the best turnout and project at Senn Arts. They all have natural talent.” Ewing said.

Reanna Dyke, senior at Senn, went to see her classmates perform. “My favorite scheme of the play was the one in which the daughter falls in love with her father. That was interesting. They all performed really good.”

They will be performing in the 2015 Illinois High School Theatre Festival which will be held from January 8th to January 10th.

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