The Practices and Play of I and You

By: Damir Ramovic (senior)

Senn High School had hosted the performance “I and You” on May 6th through May 8th at the Ramis Theatre as its first major performance.

The practice for the play started in the fall after the Senn Arts Theatre had received a script. According to Senn Arts teacher Joel Ewing, the practice had been going in for a while since the start of the rehearsal of at the end of February. Both lead Senn Arts Junior actors, Olivia Shine and Tevion Lanier, had taken part of the play for their main characters.

The play, ”I and You” follows an emotional story of Shine’s character Caroline, who deals with her sickness and struggles with her outside life, as well as getting education at home. She also deals with anger and hysteria, but also has some few joys, like taking photos with her phone.

It’s a powerful story that can inspire many high school and college and also know the meaning between life and death.

Shine, who she’s playing as Caroline, explains why she enjoys playing this main character of the play.

“We’re very much similar people, which makes playing this role [and] I’m not as afraid of playing this role [is] because of the similarities between she and I,” said Shine.

During Shine’s practice, she explains on how the practice was like while she was on stage.

“It makes things like in the pre-show in the very beginning before people are just walking and I’m just on stage reading a magazine or something,” said Shine.

The second actor in the play, Lanier, explained why he also chose his character, Anthony, a character that’s not artistically inclined but has an interesting charisma.

“Anthony, much like what Olivia said, he’s very much who I am with a few differences. I felt like I could be myself and I don’t have issues that we have, but I definitely found a way to put myself in that situation, to figure out how to react,” said Lanier.

Already people in the audience in the show have enjoyed the show once the audience saw the plot change. Senn teacher Michael Cullinane explained what he thought.

“I was impressed. There was an audible gasp at the end because the plot changed so dramatically before our eyes,” Cullinane said.

It was indeed an impressive performance that shows Senn Arts it can perform well.

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