A Story of Two Flags: The fight for freedom still goes on

By Munira Jimjimo (Senior)

Tia Jimjimo was very proud carrying her heritage, the Oromia flag, at the 43rd Senn International Fest.

But Jimjimo, a sophomore at Senn, is tired of being asked why she carried a flag for a country that is not independent yet. Tia is my niece and I want to share our story.

Tia Jimjimo carrying the Oromia flag at the 43rd International Fest. (Picture taken by Munira Jimjimo)

We are from Oromia which is currently known as Ethiopia. The Abyssinian (North region of Ethiopian) government colonized Oromia in 1887 creating a new country. Since then, the Ethiopian government took all the power, hence Oromo people had no say in the government.

Now Oromo people are determined to fight back against the Ethiopian government and create a government of their own.

Oromo people are educating each other about the value of their cultures. Seenaa G-D Jimjimo, a human right advocate and my step-sister, said, “We are moving closer and closer towards independence since more of our people are being educated about the merit of having their own nation.”

Abyssinia and Oromiya were two different countries until the colonization. As the Oromiyan nation disappeared, their freedom also vanished. Although Abyssinian and Oromo are currently one nation ,they don’t have much in common.

“There is nothing about Oromo people that connects them with other ethnic groups in Ethiopia,” said Seenaa G-D Jimjimo.

Although it has been over 12 decades since the Oromo people lost their rights and freedom, they are still hopeful that one day they will be independent.

Jamal Jarso, an Oromiyan immigrant, said, “Our independence is inevitable. it’s a matter of when and how but for sure we will be independent.”

Despite the fact that the Ethiopian government wants to keep Oromo people under control, they are committed to gaining their independence.

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