Do You Know Your Uber Driver?

By Aveon Hawkes (Senior)

As you open the door to an Uber car and step foot in, do you really know who’s behind the wheel?

Uber, a taxi service that allows the drivers to use their own cars, has impacted Chicagoans because of their efficiency and low prices compared to regular taxi services.

Uber has been moving at a fast pace. It began as a small startup to a company that investors have valued at $40 billion within the five years it has been around. Unlike regular taxi services, Uber has an app that allows customers to rate their drivers and vice versa, so drives can get new clientele. The ratings that customers give the drivers are based on how clean the car is, how well the driver drives, and if the drivers provide snacks for their customers and  are key in order to boost the drivers ratings.

Jamie Corona, a Senior at Senn High School, has taken Uber 5 times and says that he enjoys the service and how their drivers operate. “The drivers are nice,” said Corona. “They ask me how am I doing, how my day is going, and even offer me snacks.” These ratings allow Corona to make the best choice of driver he possibly can obtain.

Not only is Uber appealing to the customer as pertaining to efficiency, but the company is also very affordable. First time users of Uber can be allowed a free ride, depending on the distance of travel. The company also has discounts and coupons.

Mr. Cullinane, Journalism teacher at Senn High School, has just started using uber this year. He had been using regular taxi services because of his respect for taxi drivers who earn money when working for a taxi company and being able to save up to buy an expensive medallion, which allows taxi drivers to make their own profits. “I refused to use uber for a while,” said Cullinane. After finally taking an Uber he realized that the prices were lower than the regular taxi services. Now he is an active Uber customer, “I always feel guilty when I take an Uber,” said Cullinane.

In addition to the Uber service, it has been hard for some customers to distinguish a regular car from a regular car on the streets because it doesn’t have any signs indicating that it’s a different car. “It’s a little weird,” said Cullinane.

Although Uber is used by many Chicagoans in the city, there have been some instances where customers were assaulted by their driver or vice versa.

Denisia Bryant, teenage Uber driver and Senior at Senn High School.
Denisia Bryant, teenage Uber driver and Senior at Senn High School.

Denisia Bryant, a senior at Senn High School, is a part time Uber driver on the side of her main job and says that she was assaulted by a women who didn’t want to take an Uber when her boyfriend insisted on taking one. “She wanted to take a regular taxi home instead of my car,” said Bryant, “I didn’t get angry because I assumed that she had been drinking.”

Bryant says that she never loses her temper when dealing with violent customers. “I try to stay calm when encountering them,” she says. Being that it’s her car, she feels that she has more of a say so in what goes on. “I like the control,”

There has also been an Uber scandal that some drivers aren’t given a background check before being able to head out on the road and pick up customers This may be an issue with customers pertaining to their safety and securing a safe travel. Mr. Cullinane says that he usually takes an Uber either by himself or with his wife. “I wouldn’t want her taking an Uber alone,” said Cullinane, “I rather have her take taxis when alone to make myself feel more secure of her travels.”

Even though their has been some bumps in the road, Uber has been rising in succeeding with their company and seems to be taking the taxi industry by storm.

18 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Uber Driver?

  1. Wow! I really liked your article, your title caught my attention right off the bat. The way you put in your quotes kept the article flowing. For now I’ll stick to taxi drivers.

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  2. Wow! I’ve taken Uber in a few different countries and states and have never thought of what the drivers themselves must deal with. Very cool and informative.

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  3. My first experience with Uber was hell. A true and tragic story, drove first time with Uber from John Hersey High School back to my home at 5900 Glenwood ave. I was showed that I would have a charge of maximum 24 USD, I had 50 USD in my credit card at that moment, so I punched my Cred Info in, ordered an Uber, sat in and went toward home. I happened to look at the screen in the car, there was something “surge” or “surcharge” that was ON, didnt know what was it. reached home happily. the next week I got my bill from my credit card service, guess what happened?
    Uber charged me 69.70 USD for the ride, my credit company paid the extra 19.70 dollars which in turn the charged me another 30 dollars, So in total I paid around 100 dollars, a weeks worth of pocket money.
    The first impression is your last impression; i hate uber and will boycott.

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    1. This could have all been prevented if you did your research. With a coupon provided by Uber, your first ride is free.


  4. This is a great Article Aveon. I disagree with the seventh paragraph though. Every time I’ve took an Uber there has been a sign, that’s visible through the front windshield, to let me know that it is an Uber car. They usually have the Uber logo on a 4×6 board.


  5. I’ve used Uber plenty of times and never had a bad experience and I’ve also never had to pay too much or nothing at all, promo codes are my best friend. I think of not knowing who the driver is all the time but its something that just comes and goes I’m never rude to the driver you never know what they’re capable of. Your article was great and made me realize maybe I should think twice about who’s driving me around town.


  6. You’re provides a great perspective on a modern form of transportation and I completely agree with your statement on how some Uber drivers can seem a little sketchy.


  7. Uber is definitely a controversial topic. Some big questions is can you trust your Uber driver, and Who is driving you?


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