Senior advice for future freshmen (Part Two)

Note from Mr. Cullinane:

I asked my wonderful students in 8th period Senior Seminar to give thoughtful advice to future Senn freshmen. Here is what they wrote: 

“Always be on your teachers’ good side.” You have probably heard this many times, and although at first it doesn’t seem like lucy-advice-boothsuch a big deal because you will not have the same teachers next year, it is important to know that what your teachers can do for you will be in fact a lot. It is true that whether or not you are on a teacher’s good side that can affect your future for the next three years here, because they can become an influence on colleges’ decisions during your senior year. Besides that, it would be for your own benefit. You wouldn’t want to make a possible good year for yourself to go bad just because of a bad relationship with your teacher. There were times when I wouldn’t want to do the work because of personal issues going on back home that affected my mood, but I still worked hard to do my best to finish each assignment. It can boost your self confidence and to feel satisfied with yourself because of the accomplishments you make.

–Samantha Yuen (future UIC attendee, aspiring world traveler/translator)

High school is a place where you actually get a chance to know yourself and understand what you’re good at. That’s all what you need to know about high school. Go for every opportunity you think you could succeed at and try to maintain your academics in the same pace too. I did great with my academics during high school but never applied for any sports and club which really hampered me during the college application and scholarship process. Believe me or not if you hide your skill within yourself it will negatively impact in your future.

Just assure that your every single step in high school will impact what’s your future is going to look like. Imagine that future and if you really want yourself so see in that position work for it. If I was in your position I would never leave my high school and transfer to another because it really makes you vulnerable. You don’t get opportunity to know you teacher, course provided, and availability of clubs and sports team. For me, it was a obligation because I have to transfer from my country to USA. Try to invest yourself during this phase beginning from freshman year and make your high school a memorial place.

–Savim Acharya (future UIC attendee, possible Electrical Engineering major)

Some mistakes I’ve made in high school were hanging around with, I would say, not the best people to hang around with and even though I never got into what they were doing it did effect my grades and behavior. I would say you can hang around with your friends so long as you know when to stay away from something that could effect you long term. If you see them and they invite you to do it and taunt you into doing something then they might not be good influences going forward. As of right now I’m graduating but I just wish my grades looked better and it’s a result of what I couldn’t do from my freshman year. People will tempt you but don’t give in.

–Jamie Corona (future Western Illinois attendee, Kinesiology major)

You live and you learn in high school (literally) sometimes you learn for the good and sometimes you learn for the bad, but its okay. Staying on track and giving it your all is very helpful and will pay off at the end. Even if you’re having the worst day of your life because of tragic family problems or your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you, you will still have a school to come to that feeds knowledge to you. A major mistake that I did was not seeking for help either emotionally or educationally, I noticed it late, so try not to do that, because they’re plenty of people in the campus willing to help. Applying for colleges was my biggest success because I will continue my educational career

–Aylin Cruz (future Northeastern University attendee, Early Childhood major)

To the freshmen coming in to the school next year, there are some things that you guys should know. Get to school on time! School starts at 8 so get to school at like 7:30, so you have time to go to your lockers and get your stuff ready for your first class of the day. Make sure you do all your homework and classwork because those grades build up and can help you get an A in your classes. Don’t be scared to go to dances at the school or different event that this school has. It’s a good way to make lots of friends, and you well have fun doing it.

–Ivan Saez (future member of the United States military) 

One of my mistakes that I made in high school was applying to colleges late. I wish I could go back and change what I did. I thought, “I have plenty of time, I don’t want to worry about it now.” But I did get worried about it later. I remember some of my friends were done with their application around December and got their acceptance around January. There were talking about what college accepted them and I was like what the heck am I doing?

–Nami Alemayahu (future Northeastern University attendee, majoring in Theater and Dance)

5 thoughts on “Senior advice for future freshmen (Part Two)

  1. I really liked Ivan advice. He got down to the point and explained the real things that incoming freshman should definitely know if they want to make it by in the begging and start on a good track.


  2. I really can relate to Nami’s advice. Very straight forward and had good feedback for students applying to colleges.


  3. Jaime’s advice is so similar to mines. I think that’s one of the most important advises anyone can ever get and I believe everyone has to really listen to.


  4. A very good advice to all Freshmen. I have a pal who is currently a Freshman and I hope that he’ll understand the advice. I liked Ivan’s advice, especially Aylin’s. =). Freshmen, good luck and don’t let ANYONE stop you from achieving success!


  5. I completely agree with Jamie’s Advice. Hanging out with the “Right Crowd” does really affect your future in high school AND college, I’ve been told by many people including my sister who is now a junior in high school.


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