Editor-In Chief Introduction

Symone Smith (Junior)

 I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.

-Tom Stoppard journalism intro

Hello guys it’s your new Editor-in Chief of the Senn Times. I would like to formally introduce myself and share with you guys the path that the Senn Times is going for.

First I would like to start off with the vision that the journalism team has for this year, we want this school year to be the breakout of the Senn Times. So far we have views in the hundreds but we want to get it to the thousands. To do that we must all come together to write amazing stories that not only informs but entertain the public.

Some new things that we would like to start this year are weekly columns, teacher and student of the month’s post, and even more exciting sports post!

I would like to say what an honor it is to hold this position as Editor- in Chief. My teacher and mentor and creator of this online newspaper Mr. Cullinane has entrusted me with this duty and I am truly grateful. This program has given me the passion of becoming a broadcast journalist, so now I want to pay it back by help running an amazing online newspaper.

But remember to do all of these amazing things for our amazing Senn students and extended family we’re going to need your help.

We have open positions for head of social media, designated photographer, and most importantly co- Editor-in Chiefs.

If you or someone you know is interested in these positions please contact at sdsmith9@cps.edu or the journalism teacher Mr. Cullinane at mkcullinane@cps.edu


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