Senn Times Staff Stories: The Rollercoaster

By Georgina Jaimes (Senior, Reporter)

I believe my dad had different methods of raising his daughters, he taught us to be fearless in every way possible. I remember meeting the requirements to ride a roller coaster at Six flags by just an inch when I was seven. He could see the fear in my eyes but he kept walking towards the line, once it was our turn I could feel the tears emerging. One staff member asked me if I was okay, I looked at my dad and he gave me this look as if I’ll regret it if I don’t ride this roller coaster. I said “yes” and looked forward thinking to myself “I could do this!” The staff member did a countdown but once he reached number two the ride just zoomed out the section and so did my fear. Throughout the ride I could remember myself laughing and opening my eyes to see my surroundings. The view and that moment was beautiful. After that I remember myself wanting to ride every roller coaster at Six Flags, I conquered one of my fears by the help of my dad.

My childhood consisted of many scary things but I had my dad by my side to help me overcome them. I overcame the fear of  the dark, holding a spider and watching a scary movie. Once I grew older I knew that I had to overcome fears on my own.  Once you’re a teenager you get hit by new fears that you didn’t know were possible when you were only a child. One of the biggest and hardest obstacle I face right now is entering a new chapter in my life… college…  the future.

My motivation to conquer this fear is picturing the end, I always think of when I rode the roller coaster and how it turned out in the end. I experienced something beautiful and I hope it will be the same for this obstacle. I may not be certain of what I want to be when I grow up or what University I want to enroll in but all I know is that I want a happy amazing future. I want to go to college for a great future, to be successful in life. One day I hope to say “I made it!” Fear holds me back but I know that I will overcome it. This quote brings me motivation to finding a resolution to my fear, “Discover who you truly are and fully give every aspect of your uniqueness to the world. This is your path to an extraordinary life.” I wake up everyday hoping to find who I am and I won’t stop till I do. Every day I find a piece of me that gets me close to finding who this girl is.  I know that if I find myself, I will find the answers to what I want in life and then I will feel positive of entering this new chapter in my life. My future awaits for me and one day I won’t be afraid to live it.

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