Homecoming Week: Different Than Any Other?

Symone Smith

Did this past homecoming week feel a little different to anyone? Ask any Senn student and they will tell you this previous homecoming week felt a bit different from any other they’ve experienced. But what is it that made this year different from all the others is it because the football team is winning, students are starting off a great year, or because we have a new principle.  Well if you thought it was any of those  you are sadly incorrect I’ll tell you what’s so unique about this year…SCHOOL SPIRIT!!. This year we as the student and teacher body are showing more school spirit than we ever have before.

Hall Decorations
Hall Decorations

We have Spirit Week competitions, decorating of the halls, cafeteria games, and pep rallies. all of which is orchestrated by the teachers and students.

Spirit Week has always been a part of Senn but this year Interim Principle Mary Beck has added a little competition to the mix. Whichever year of students ( Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior) participates more in Spirit Week wins a day out of uniform, something that we all wish to have. It seems that the Seniors took a lead in that race. The themes for the week were super hero day, Mitch match/backwards day, twin day, spirit day, and last but not least decade day.

Junior Alejandro Santos and Francisco Garcia participate in Twin Day
Junior Alejandro Santos and Francisco Garcia participate in Twin Day

A little competition never hurts anybody should have been the motto of Wednesday’s 4th period lunch; kids competed in little games such as stack the cups and get those balls out of there.

It didn’t stop there, all Senn hallways were decked out in school spirit posters and streamers. All football members had their lockers decorated with joyous posters and signs!

We can’t forget the festive 8th period pep rally that took place before the game. Great music, great performances, most importantly great teams to come out and support.

Freshman Alen Mujkanovic participating in lunch games
Sophomore  Alen Mujkanovic participating in lunch games

In all Homecoming Week was one to remember thanks to all the school spirit we seem to have this year. Lets keep it up BULLDOGS!

6 thoughts on “Homecoming Week: Different Than Any Other?

  1. This article captured all the great ideas and experiences of the fantastic week of homecoming. Their was such a vast difference that everyone had noticed within this event. Great job in constructing this article I really like it and I’m looking forward to more Senn times.


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