Staff Stories: The last rejection

by Jordan Clark (Sophomore)
I grew up in the uptown area of Chicago, and I am the youngest in my family which has had a positive impact on my personality. At one point I was unmotivated because I was hanging with a group of people the really didn’t help with my future. But before my 8th grade graduation, I began to question if i was going to graduate, which put me in a panic. The real heart breaker didn’t come until after graduation. I had just found out that I was not accepted into any selective enrollment high schools. Me and my older brother talked and talked about everything he did and accomplished and I took that as a challenge. One thing about me is I dream big and I never back down from a challenge. Lucky for me I was accepted by Senn high school and I heard that Senn had a great IB program, so in my mind that was my ticket to success.
You can say that I am driven and motivated by my need and want for success and my ego saying GO FOR IT! My personal goal is to enter the IB DP program which is already a big challenge as it is but in my eyes nothing is going to stop me from doing this.
My grandfather used to say “every great thing comes with a price and sometimes people struggle to pay the price. I found this true in my life. Another conflict would be how hard it is to adjust to new routines such as coming home from school and realizing you’re tired but you still have to do more.
I personally see myself in college in a few years mainly because currently my main focus is school. But I really do believe that the skills and education that I will learn from this program will really help me later on in life and with the IB DP diploma that comes with it will hopefully make colleges take a second look at me so that I will never have to receive another rejection letter again.

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