The President’s Statement

Student Body President Harry Warnaar
Student Body President Harry Warnaar

Harry Warnaar (Senior)

Senn Students have influence now more than ever and we’re on the rise. This year we have the potential to truly make our mark. We’re working on getting our image known throughout the entire city as a force to be reckoned with. For the first time in decades, we have a student council that’s actually making a notable impact.

Currently, we’re fundraising for our own in-house scholarship for undocumented students, and we have already met our funding goal. One hot topic right now is reworking the uniform policy. This would be coupled with supporting and expanding the Senn merchandise we already have. With so much to do here at Senn, we still look to loftier agendas.

We’re also thinking of ways to address the quality of the school lunches with the Board of Education, and try our hand at more manageable short term solutions, such as bringing back the vending machines. Besides that we’re interested in political action.

Personally I’ve been working with friends to gain traction on the budget cuts that is geared towards the art programs. The protest will be held November 20th if any would love to be a part of it. I recently have been contacted by the Walter Peyton Student Rep, along with about twenty other Student Reps from other schools, hoping to collaborate on further political action, going as far as to write a mission statement for CPS officials.

We as a student committee  aim our sights high, but aren’t afraid of the work ahead. We’re a great school and we plan to not only prosper, but flourish.

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