Laser’s on a New Path

By: Meti Dargachew (Sophmore)

Alexander Laser is a new Senn High School English teacher. Moving to Chicago three months ago, he is now ready for a new start.

Laser was born in Princeton, New Jersey but was raised in Maryland where he attended Rockville High School. He later got his Master’s degree from George Washington University and taught 9th and 10th grade English in D.C. public schools for 6 years.

“Me and my wife decided to move to Chicago because we wanted something new, we wanted to experience another part of the world while we still had the chance before we started our family.”

Laser was attracted to Senn because of the diversity and different types of programs that is offered to its students. He feels Senn has hardworking students that are good at expressing themselves and can accomplish a lot.

A job as a teacher never gets boring even though it obtains plenty obstacles, “The biggest obstacle is time, there’s not enough hours in the day to teach all the students how you would like.” Laser says.

Another big obstacle Laser believe teachers face is being versatile for the students, “You have to adapt to a lot of things being a teacher, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.”

He also feels that students can sometimes be the perfect teachers also, ” students learn best from each other, they speak each other’s language a student can explain something to their classmate with all the right words so they could understand it better.”

Laser is planning on bringing a literary magazine to Senn, in hopes creative students come out and share their poems, stories, and pictures with the school.

Laser really enjoys his students, he feels like they teach him things just as much as he teaches them.

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