October Teacher of the Month: Robert Spurlin

By Georgina Jaimes and Ben Pulido (Seniors)

Robert Spurlin, a dedicated teacher at Nicholas Senn High School, is involved in directing the Athletic department and also helps tutor students after school. Spurlin has been teaching for twenty six years and always looks for ways to change it up in the classroom, in order to benefit the students in becoming more interactive.

One thing he knows students will remember about him is his accordance with the rules, or standards. Spurlin cares for students who are involved in sports, since he tries his best to raise money for uniforms and equipment. Spurlin believes that physical education will train students to become responsible adults of ethical moral character.

Spurlin impresses parents at Report Card Pick Up Day

He says, “Education is first and sports come second.” Spurlin has faced struggles in the classroom but always finds a way to overcome them. For instance, he has had problems with the lack of participation, but he didn’t give up. Instead he found a way to overcome it by getting students involved in playing sports. Spurlin has continuous dedication to the health and well being of his students.

Teachers need appreciation often for their great efforts inside and out the classroom. Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are. Congratulations to Mr.Spurlin for being awarded Teacher of the Month.

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