New Algebra Teacher Comes to Senn

By: Cassandra Cabrera (Sophomore)

Jennie Goas (31),  new Freshman Algebra teacher at Senn High School wants to motivate her students to show their full potential. senn 1

Born in Lauderdale, Florida, Ms. Goas attended Miami University of Ohio for undergrad and later attended Depaul for Grad school where she earned her Master’s Degree in education.

While attending undergrad, she majored in business to become an accountant until she decided to change her major junior year to math to become a teacher.

“ I was just thinking about me in the real world and I was like no. I couldn’t see myself in corporate America, so I changed. I always loved math in high school, so I’m happy I did that.”

Before teaching at Senn, she taught at two CPS high schools; Kelvyn Park and Collins Academy.

Starting fresh at Senn has had it’s ups and downs for Ms. Goas. One challenge has been making math more interactive for her Freshmen class.

“With certain concepts in math, it can be pretty dry, so it’s hard to find things that are engaging for students where they want to participate,” expressed Goas.

Teachers like Ms. Goas want to make sure that all their students leave high school with their minds full of knowledge.

“I would feel horrible if I had a student an entire year and they didn’t learn anything. I don’t want to be the person that holds them back from accomplishing what they want out of high school.”

Like other first year Senn teachers, her main goal is to get through the year and succeed in a common goal. It’s a work in progress but she is improving for her future years as a teacher.

“I feel like the kids are really wonderful and I can actually teach what I want to. Overall I love this school.”


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