Security Officer Makes a Difference

By: Jessica Espinoza (Sophomore)

“It’s something new every day, not the same boring job where I’m sitting behind a desk.  It’s just something different everyday here. It’s not the same day twice.”

Jose Rodriguez (40) has been working at Senn as a security officer since 2002. Some of his responsibilities are to watch over the cameras for anything illegal going on. He’s a man who wants to strive to be better than he was the day before.

Rodriguez, born in Chicago and raised in Little Village, came from a large Mexican family. He has a younger brother named Edwin and a younger sister named Elisa. Throughout his education he attended a Catholic grammar school and Holy Name Cathedral High School. In high school he was an average student who was on the baseball team. Rodriguez is a huge fan of the White Sox.

One of Rodriguez’ challenges at Senn as a security officer is to get every kid in the lunch room to sit down at one time, but that never happens because they are really hard-headed. Rodriguez  likes working with kids so he has tolerance and patience.

Rodriguez puts a lot of effort forward in “trying to keep every kid that comes into Senn on the right path, making sure they go the right way.”

Rodriguez gets a little sentimental around graduation time. He  thinks about the time spent with some of the kids and especially some that he has known since they were freshmen.

“It’s a like a sense of accomplishment I’ve seen them go through so much stuff as a security officer  I learn many things about that kid and throughout the years I helped them improve in the way they behave.”

Rodriguez thinks positive and strives to see the best in everybody, helping every kid out and making sure they stick to studying hard and making the right decisions so they can be ready for the real world. He’s been in their shoes already and knows the consequences that will occur. Rodriguez is the kind of guy that likes to joke around with people and cheer them up.

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