Fisher Returns to the Classroom

Paula Trejo ( Sophomore)

Dan Fisher (30), a former data strategist for Chicago Public Schools kicked off his first year of teaching math here at Senn. He decided to change direction in life and help high school students learn more about the real world.  20151214_152527

Fisher always knew deep down he wanted to be a teacher, he even taught Social Studies before working as a Data Strategist.  Because of his prior experience as a Strategist, he became interested in probability and statistics.

“I wanted to get back in a classroom. I was sick of doing data strategy and so this was an opportunity where I can teach math,” Fishers says.

Being new to Senn has proven a challenge, “Managing all of the work is difficult, so organization and time management are key, it’s important for me to set several small goals in order to achieve a larger goal.”

Teaching may be a struggle for Fisher but he continues to enjoy Senn’s environment with teachers, staff and mainly the students, ” The kids are really awesome,” Fisher expresses, “they’re down to earth, they’re incredibly smart, and very savvy. It’s really kind a refreshing and cool. The students are pretty great, that’s the best part of Senn.”


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