Moreno joins the Senn Family

By: Kendall Jackson Jr.(Sophomore)

Kristen Moreno (23) a graduate from Loyola University is in her first year at Senn as a ESL/Creative Writing teacher.

Moreno interest varies from sports like volleyball and basketball to writing poetry and painting. Her hopes are to go back to school to get her Masters and travel around the world. 20151105_080516

Born and raised in Chicago, Moreno’s Puerto Rican culture made her have to tackle two languages, English and Spanish. Though she struggled, she kept her love for the foreign language, “English was always my favorite subject. I love to write.”

After graduating from high school, she made her way to Loyola University majoring in Secondary Education and English while minoring in English as a second language.

Moreno first goal as a teacher is finding her unique style to teach and bring her students together, “I know my students need direction, and also structure.”

Moreno is determined to find that balance her students need. She wants her students to have fun but also giving them the necessary discipline they need for the real world is very important.“I am a all around fun teacher being stern is something that I need to work on in order to make sure my students succeed.”

She also plans on traveling to countries where her students are from to become more informed with their cultures.

“Being able to go to the countries from which my students are from gives me a perspective to make the classroom feel more like home to them.”

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