Hotline Bling or Hotline Bum

By Dewayne Thomas(Senior) and James Ramadhan(Senior)

In late October, Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video blew up the internet as we knew it.

The Canadian star’s Hotline music video, produced by Director X, showcases him doing some outrageous moves that no one has ever seen. It’s a side of the record-breaking artist that his fans and super fans have been waiting for.

Being one of the most viewed videos on YouTube, it brings on many different thoughts and opinions.

Drake showing off his moves
Drake showing off his moves

Lucas Kelleher, a Senn psychology teacher, finds the video jaw-dropping and artistically empowering, “Visually, it’s one of the more unique and  artistically inspired videos I’ve seen in awhile.”

But not everyone seems to be huge fans of the viral video, Physiology and Anatomy teacher Kenneth Bares has nothing but bad feelings towards it.

“There’s not much to it,” he said. “ I would’ve expected more out of him than flashing lights and a box.”

The original video isn’t the only thing that’s making headlines, what also seems to be getting attention are the parody videos that has surfaced. The videos shows Drake doing some outrageous things like throwing pepperoni on pizza as well as playing tennis and basketball.

Senior Crystal Villalobos said, “I think it’s given him a negative connotation. People think he dances bad and are making fun of him.”

Drake in some parody videos
Drake in some parody videos

While others think that they’re funny and are giving the star a bit more attention, “I love it,” senior Yashaddai Owens said. “He’s not doing everyday dances like the whip and the NaeNae. He made his own mix and he’s impacting the media either way it goes. I think it’s boosted his career by making him more relatable.”

Senior, Ramil Griggs, is a fan who believes Drake will continue to be loved no matter of any situation.

“Horrible dancing or not, Drake is still one of the best artist out there and parodies of him just makes him even more loved.”

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