New Snapchat Filters and Lenses

By Georgina Jaimes and Benjamin Pulido (Senior)

Have you ever had colorful throw up coming out of your mouth? Did you ever wish you had pink hearts for eyes? Well now you can.

New Snapchat Filters!
New Snapchat Filters!

Back in September Snapchat introduced new filters and lenses. It sparked a lot of opinions and thoughts, Students at Senn have very mixed feelings about those who are augmenting their selfies with the lenses.

Kimberly Lopez, a Senior, said, “I found it funny and me and my friends make fun of each other because there is one lens that makes our faces look odd. It was a chance for us to come close together and just be goofy.”

But not all students have the same perspective towards these new lenses. Senior, Jennifer Perete says these lenses have been taking away her valuable classroom time. Perete believes Snapchat just causes a distraction in class, and believes teachers will then have to confiscate phones from students.

 “What I notice is that a lot of people tend to use Snapchat during school and that takes away from their focus and education,” Perete shares, ” Students get in trouble and it just causes problems.”

However, many users may not be able to give these lenses a try since Snapchat is now charging people 99 cents. Which seems to make people feel that it has become overrated.

Arbr Krasniqi, senior, says, “At first it was a new thing. Everybody wanted to use it. Everybody was talking about it, but now it’s just been overused.”

However, Snapchat is here to stay due to the majority of users that help it pervade. According to Maryan Abdi, Junior, the attraction and uniqueness of the filters and lenses are filled with various options that bring out a new you.

“The lenses are funny and they bring out a goofy and different side of you, you get to really express yourself with them.”

Snapchat believes that there is no limit when it comes to its abilities to grooving up your selfies.

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