Mr. Chlumsky lends a helping hand

By  Sayed Mohammed (sophomore)

Matthew Chlumsky, Geometry teacher and baseball coach for Nicholas Senn High School, has been with us now for eight years.

Born in Chicago, Chlumsky never knew what career to go after when he was a kid, he didn’t really have a dream job, he didn’t know what he wanted to be until his first year at the university of Chicago. What led Chlumsky to wanting to become a teacher during his college career was he found out he was so good at helping friends with their math work.

“In college I remember how I was so good in Math that I was actually helping other students learn Math and during that time that I was teaching them it was that moment where I was like I want to be a Math teacher.”

When he decided that he wanted to become a Math teacher Chlumsky applied and was offered a job at Senn, “I remember being called by Mr.Norman who at the time was the principal of Senn and he told me to come to the school and offered me a job as a Geometry teacher.”

Chlumsky also experienced very close calls with some students and can still remember a few, he recalls one particular altercation he had with a young man, “Their was a time where I was teaching the whole class and there was this student in my class where he was being very disrespectful so I told him calmly without yelling that he needed to stop or else I’m going to have to call home and he just got in my face and was threatening me I didn’t know what to do other than to tell him that if he touch me I will have the right to call the police.”

Chlumsky shared his biggest fear with being a teacher, “What scares me is always the first day of school because you don’t know their names and you don’t know who they are and you are basically just looking at more than a hundred strangers.”

Chlumsky also coaches the baseball team for Senn. He did not really participate in any sports for his school, however, he did play in one sport for a park district, baseball. He played because he truly felt good at it. Unfortunately, Chlumsky injured his ankle and could no longer play, so he decided to help and inspire others with his talent. baseball-pic

He carries Senn and his colleagues with him even after he walks out of those doors everyday, “Me and my colleagues get along so well that we hang out with each other sometimes and during the summer also, I’m actually good friends with a lot of them.

Matthew Chlumsky seems to be enjoying his time at Senn High School, and feels he has a lot left within him, “I think I have a lot of years left as a teacher, I love teaching students and love helping them become successful.”

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