Teacher of the month: Angela Kus

by Georgina Jaimes ( Senior)

Throughout her three years at Senn, Angela Kus has been a devoted teacher and coach. Kus’ typical school day involves teaching her numerous classes, finishing grading papers, and then going down to the gym ushering boys and girls on the wrestling team onto the bus and reminding them for the millionth time to check their bags, making sure they have everything they need to have a great match.  SENNACADHS1445185760038

Kus stays after school until six almost every day, watching and training the wrestling team or assisting the badminton team. One struggle Kus constantly faces is not having enough time, it always seems to slip away from her. “There is never enough time. You look at the clock and you’re like ‘how is it already this late”

Don’t fret, Kus has her solution to the problem, her daily dose of caffeine with a side of no sleep.  

When Ms. Kus first started teaching, she knew she wanted to impact each and every student she had. Unfortunately, she knew it wasn’t possible to impact every student, but that didn’t stop her from trying. “I lead by example and try to impact and affect people in a positive way. One person at a time is plenty, so if one person has been positively impacted, then I think it has been a good day.”  

Kus’ students are constantly on her mind, “I’m thinking about the kid who is sitting in front of me, who I know hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday’s lunch, or the kid who is sleeping on his desk because he worked until 2 in the morning.”

Kus wants to be there for her students, as a teacher and as someone who cares.

Students look up to Ms. Kus. They know they can always come to her for help, such as the wrestling and football team, who almost didn’t have a season due to not having a coach. Kus found herself unexpectedly coaching two sports for the first time.

Kus told her students that she’ll have one season and she’s done, but now it looks like she may be back for another one. Kus loves watching her team kick butt. Thanks to her the wrestling team is 4 to 1 in conference. Go Bulldogs!


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