El Chapo’s Arrest

By, Javier Cruz ( Sophomore)

January 8 2016, Marks the day that fugitive Joaquin Guzman also known as “El Chapo”, the biggest drug lord in Mexico, was arrested by the Mexican navy.

An unknown tip informed the navy that he was in a town of Los Mochis, when storming in to capture the fugitive, they were met by heavy fire that led into the deaths of 6. 

El Chapo arrest
El Chapo arrest

The Mexican government has attempted to capture El Chapo many times before but have unfortunately failed due to all of Chapo’s connections.

El Chapo is head of the Sinaloa Cartel, a criminal organization that spreads all over Mexico and also America. He is the biggest kingpin in the world and had a bounty on his head for $3.8 million in Mexico and $5 million in the US.

A few months ago Mexican security forces and US drug officials tracked cell phone signals that indicated Guzman was at a ranch near the town of Cosala in the mountains of Sinaloa state. The fugitive ended up escaping from capture but not without sustaining a few wound

El Chapo is known for his very creative escapes, just last year in July he escaped from a maximum security Mexican prison, Altiplano. He traveled through a tunnel that was over mile long.

Chapo has kept busy while being on the run with starting fights with big name politicians and terrorist groups. He threatened ISIS after they destroyed some of his cargo that was carrying drugs, he posted on media saying that he would destroy ISIS with his men.

He then went after GOP front-runner Donald Trump, he threatened Trump to watch his back after Trump shared his idea to deport illegal immigrants back to Mexico which he feels would affect his drug ring. Trump however did not keep quite and took his own jabs at Chapo and said that he “would kick El Chapo’s Ass” but then later called FBI for some assistance fearing Chapo might actually come after him.  2A7AF2D100000578-0-image-m-3_1436740610539

Many people are glad that the kingpin has been caught but still are very hesitant and scared for yet another grand escape.

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