Physics teacher branches into uncharted territory

by Hasan Gordon (Sophomore)

“A lot of people enter and leave the teaching profession and they’ll leave for a lot of reasons, because it’s really difficult, it’s stressful, it’s really hard and challenging. But no one ever leaves teaching because it’s boring.”

Matthew Bonges was once told this by his BC calculus teacher and is one of the key quotes that helped him pursue his career into teaching. Bonges attended Evanston Township High School and went to the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.

Evanston Township
Evanston Township

From there he got his Bachelors in Engineering Physics and went back for his Masters in Education.

During the summer in his college years Bonges worked at the Northwestern University Center for Talent Development. A program for gifted children in high school to take college classes. From there Bonges experienced teaching for the very first time as an teaching assistant,  and it was one of the key factors that inspired Bonges to begin his teaching career, “It made me realize that long term that’s something that I’d like to do.”

There are many challenges that teachers must overcome. One thing that all teachers will agree with is that inserting discipline in a classroom is the most prominent. Mr. Bonges himself being no exception to this.

He shares his methods with dealing with it, “You have to make sure that you have a good learning environment so that there aren’t too many disruptions and many times that forces you to focus on a lot of other things that aren’t instruction.”

While discipline is a major struggle it’s not the only challenging factor towards being a teacher, planning lessons that impact all students in a good way can also be a struggle. Sometimes one’s own mindset plays a role into planning a lesson. Often something that may grab an attention of the teacher may not interest or help the students so, striking that balance is really tough.

“It’s very easy to put yourself in consideration when planning a lesson to say ok what would I like or what would make sense to me when I explain it but you have to constantly remember that you’re creating the lesson for everyone. images.jpg123

But for Mr. Bonges despite the struggles, teaching is something he still loves and enjoying doing. And see many more years of doing it.

Bonges is hoping this year to work with some other teachers in the Physics curriculum. He enjoys working in the Physics department at Senn and teaching and meeting fresh face and personalities.


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