Stylish Hijabs?

enhanced-24099-1421962274-1by Shazya Akthar (Freshman)

All across the world Muslim girls and women are wearing the Hijab in a stylish manner to show that Hijabs can be stylish while still maintaining the religious aspect.

A Hijab is a rectangular scarf that is wrapped over the head and is intended to cover the hair and neck of Muslim girls and women. The most common reason Muslim girls and women wear it is to show that they obey Allah (Muslim God) and it also displays a sign of modesty for them.

But who said that Hijabs can’t be fashionable with some bling or designs on it? In a Buzz feed article, titled, “23 Seriously Beautiful Hijab Styles to Try,” is solely dedicated to just that to the idea of flashy Hijabs.

The Zulkifli sisters are on board with the trend also. They are stated to be the modest version of the Kardashians and have their own store, a seven figure turnover, and have many social media followers, more than 120,000. They let their models wear Hijabs and they made the Hijab debut at London Fashion Week this past September in 2015. They told the Huff Post UK Style that utilizing the Hijab as a fashion gives women and girls an opportunity to partake in fashion trends and a chance for them to start covering up.

The Zulkifli sisters on the Runway of London Fashion Week
The Zulkifli sisters on the Runway of London Fashion Week

Even Senn High School’s Javeria Tariq,junior, agrees with this.“It’s not a big deal wearing stylish Hijabs,” she said. “Like wearing a Hijab that has those fake diamonds or colors on it. What matters is that you are covering the intended body parts that a Hijab is supposed to cover. That is what Islam states.”

Tariq is not the only one, though. There’s also Maaryah Ahmed, a Senn junior, who believes that wearing a Hijab in a stylish manner is actually a gateway for young Hijabis (Muslim girls and women who wear a Hijab) to boost their self-esteem.

“It’s contributing to the social factor of young Hijabis,” she stated. “It’s helping them expand within their community and within themselves. Since most people believe that a Hijab oppresses Muslim women and girls, they lose confidence in wearing it. But, the fact that it is becoming a fashion accessory helps them with their self-confidence and making them feel stronger about being a female Muslim.”

However, there are some Muslim students at Senn that don’t like this idea at all. They feel that the Hijab is losing its meaning and purpose.

“The Hijab is a veil that is supposed to conceal one’s beauty and allow women who were oppressed at that time to feel empowered,” Asha Farah, a junior at Senn, said. “Turning it into a fashion statement destroys the beauty of the Hijab.”

But why is the Hijab so beautiful? Farah stated, “The Hijab is beautiful because it allows sexually-based human beings to see people for more than their bodies and to see them as intellectual human-beings instead.”

Agreeing with Farah, Fartun Abdi, a sophomore, stated, “If you want to express yourself with the Hijab, don’t do it for the attntion of others, but do it for yourself. So, don’t just jazz-up the Hijab without thinking why you did it in the first place.”

All in all it doesn’t seem like the trend is going to disappear anytime soon. Bangladesh, a Muslim-populated country that borders India and Pakistan, is taking the trend head-on. You will see them wearing a Hijab with gold accents or wrapping the scarf in an intricate way that catches your attention really quick.

The most common way to wear a Hijab in Bangladesh
The most common way to wear a Hijab in Bangladesh

“In one way it’s good that they are displaying fashionable Hijabs since it looks pretty and more people are leaning towards adopting it. The negative aspect of that is it still draws attention to yourself which you are trying to prevent,” junior Khadjia Mansoor stated. “It’s not silly that Muslim girls and women are wearing it but, they don’t really understand the true purpose of wearing the Hijab if they think of it as just a fashion accessory.”

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