Chyterbok joins the JROTC family

by Maricela Machuca ( Sophomore)

Michael Chyterbok (57) is a first year Senior JROTC instructor at Senn. He served in the military for 30 years and, previously taught at Marshall High School. He has now been teaching for 3 years in CPS but has taught 20 years in the army.

Chyterbok was born in Chicago and went to Kelvyn Park High School where he too enrolled in a JROTC program. Ever since being in the program as a teenager, he has been interested in becoming a JROTC instructor.

Chyterbok appreciates the opportunities Senn presents in the JROTC program,“It was a straight classroom environment so this is an established program,” he says. Senn also has many clubs for the program like savarese, rifles and drill teams.

Senn JROTC program event
Senn JROTC program event

Chyterbok’s feels his experience in the army prepared him for this role as a teacher, and even as a human being. He continues to say that being in the army made him know what a real brotherhood was like,“Our closeness is our camaraderie. I’ve lost some people in combat. It’s something that I can’t really explain some of my friends I considered closer than some of my relatives,” he said.

Many people have been there to support him during his arrival at Senn in September. He appreciates the very cooperative and polite teachers and administrators,“Mr. Carter Carey, has always asks, ‘do you need anything, how things are going’, he’s always very supportive.”

Overall, Colonel Chyterbok is impressed with how Senn has welcomed him with open arms. He looks forwards to this year with his coworkers but especially with his students, “When I look upon the students I start to understand who they are and where they’re going in their careers and understand them a bit better. I truly believe that this is going to be a great year.”

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