Annual Winter Dance Showcase

by Kameha Spearman ( Junior)

Friday, January 29, 2016 the Senn Arts Dance students held the annual winter dance showcase.

The Senn arts dance program holds a dance showcase every year but, Friday’s performance was different from any other. For the first time ever the showcase was held for two days versus just one night.

Freshman and Junior collaborations
Freshmen and Junior collaborations

Also this is the first year three grade levels have been in the showcase Bryanelle Pozos, Junior, said, “I’m excited because now we got the freshmen coming in, everyone’s bonding more and more every year.”

All of the dancers had confidence that the show would be amazing, Junior, Danny Hernandez shared his excitement, “I think it’s going to be a great show, we worked really hard and I feel confident about everyone.”

Another Junior in the dance show, Amelia Genthe said, “We put a lot of work into this, it’s going to be high energy. The more people that are cheering and, the higher energy the crowd has the higher energy we [dancers] get.”

Every dancer, has a way to prepare themselves, Hernandez said, “I prepare, just by rethinking how I felt on stage in the past.”

Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior dance piece
Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior dance piece

Some dancers had family members who, for the first time saw them. Princess De Marco said, “tonight was amazing, my dad came and this was his first performance, it made me cry a little.” She also shared her fears with having her father there,”When I saw him I got these butterflies cause I knew he never seen me dance before. I was so nervous.”

Lead dance teacher at Senn, Kelly Hume-Geremia gave her thoughts on the showcase “I thought the dancers did fabulous both technical and dance-wise.”

Cool effects on stage
Cool effects on stage

Some people showed up to personally cheer on their love ones, Andrew Granados expressed his support,”My girlfriend Bryanelle is performing so I’m very excited about that.” He also feels more confident in the program as a whole this year, “Freshman year the dance program was very small but it’s truly getting better every year.”

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