Black brings his art skills to Senn

by Keji Ojo (Sophomore)

Martin David Black is a 64-year- old Visual Arts teacher at Senn High School who has been teaching for 27 years.

Black taught many schools on the west side of Chicago before coming to Senn. He also teaches more than just art, Black also teaches swimming, and coaches the Swim Team here at Senn.

Hallway art at Senn
Hallway art at Senn

Like all teachers Black has to deal with difficult students. Usually, he does not tolerate bad behavior, but there are students who attempts to push his buttons, “Sometimes the behavior is initiated just to see what I’ll do, and they’re just pushing the boundaries just to get a reaction,” he said.

Black always finds a way to ease the situation and get back on track with the student, “I try to deescalate the situation and I try to be calm and talk to the person with the behavior, be straight up, and honest with them, and it tends to work.”

Black looks forward to continue teaching the students of Senn and building on their already vast knowledge of so many things, not just art.

“I think one of the keys to learning no matter the subject, is that you build on your success. The more success you have, the more likely you are to accept challenges and to persevere.”

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