Senn Senior’s aspirations for college

by Georgina Jaimes ( Senior)

Senior Oyuki Aguilar (17) from Edgewater, is Mexican American and aspiring to be the first person in her family to attend college. Oyuki is balancing IB certificate classes and is involved in the Dreamers club. She hopes to become a role model to the Latino community by striving to receive a Master’s degree in humanities or behavioral science.

Oyuki and her family
Oyuki and her family

Oyuki started to appreciate her education when she learned that there are many people who are restricted to an education because of citizenship, skin color, and/or gender. She feels grateful to have the chance to go to school, and she knows that no one can take her education from her.

“Growing up with parents who not only didn’t get the choice of having an education, but parents who have sacrificed time and energy so that I can pursue whatever my heart desires is enough for me to love and appreciate my education.”

Like for many people going to college isn’t affordable for Oyuki, tuition costs are so high and continue to rise over the years. Oyuki has to find ways to pay it all off before the tuition deadlines. She wants to attend a small Liberal arts college, such as Augustana, Illinois, and Middlebury college. These colleges range from $35,000-$50,00 in total estimated direct cost. 

Oyuki cannot pay out of pocket to attend these colleges, so she has a few solutions to rely on, “Money is going to be a problem, that is why I’m looking into scholarships and loans, but I’m sure I’ll overcome financial troubles. I’ve began to apply for scholarships, I’m just going to push myself to overcome this challenge.” IMG_1361

Living on campus is a must for Oyuki. She wants to experience the college life in every way possible. She hopes to interact with others and to be involved in many programs, such as going abroad and learning new languages, “I feel in the middle between scared and excited, but I’ll let it happen even if it’s going to be hard. I’ll miss my family but I’ll just have to stick it out till the holidays,” she shares.

Aguilar already has a plan set up for her future. She hopes to attend college in the Fall of 2016. In eight years, she’ll hopefully be working with her bachelor’s and master’s degree.

“College isn’t going to be easy, but I’ll have my degree in my hands one day. In something I love, not  just in something to pay off the loans. I’m going to be happy with whatever I choose to do.”

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