2016 Posse Scholarship winner

by Georgina Jaimes ( Senior)

Senior Raamish Siddiqui (18), from West Rogers Park has lived in the U.S, Canada, U.K, Pakistan and Dubai. Moving has been notable experience for Siddiqui because he has gotten to know and see all these different cultures and places. Locating to Chicago and going to Senn,  Siddiqui has experienced such a diverse environment. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Siddiqui is a founding member of the Everyday Mombasa/Chicago project, he is partnered with a school at Mombasa Kenya, where the members of the project exchange photo essays to try to dispel stereotypes they have of one another’s country. He is also in the Educational Talent Search program and spends most of his time working at Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant. He is a busy young man, trying to balance out school and extracurricular activities.

Siddiqui was recommended by Cristina Posadas, for the renowned  Posse Scholar award. He first thought “might as well apply, even if there is a 5% chance that I’ll get it.” It was a very long process for Siddiqui but he kept trying and worked his way through it all.

The Scholarship is given to students to receive a full ride to the university of their choice, it is a very stiff competition.

While sitting in the room full of  scholarship competitors, Siddiqui had a hard time believing he was ever going to win. His parents kept telling him that he wasn’t going to fail, they have always encouraged him to strive to be successful.

Siddiqui was told that he won the Posse Scholarship and was accepted to attend Denison University in Granville, Ohio through the most unforgettable call of his life. After hanging up, he felt so blessed. “I have had a tremendous amount of support, my family was the biggest key. Also the counselors and my teachers/recommenders helped me through it all.”

For Siddiqui, going to college means that he is a step closer to his goal of becoming a neurosurgeon, “One step on the ladder to success”, he says.  He plans to do as many activities in college while still maintaining his grades. ” Being a Posse Scholar means that I have a lot of responsibility on me to impress and make the people who help get me here proud,” he continues to say, ” the Denison representatives and Posse staff have very high expectations for all winners and I want to show them that I am ready to take on that responsibility.”


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