Sayed’s Sports Update: Cousins for MVP

Demarcus Cousins is a 6 foot 11 big man like no other, the guy is simply a pure monster at the Center position; he can do it all.

Cousins is a phenomenal all around performer at both ends of the court. For a guy of his size, it’s amazing how talented this guy plays at 6 foot 11 because so far in 2016, he is averaging 27.3 Points per game, 11.3 Rebounds per game, 1.3 Steals per game, 1.2 Three Pointers made a game, 44% Field Goal Percentage, 72% Free Throw Percentage, 3.2 Assists per game and 1.3 Blocks per game. Stats like this, are the types of stats that makes a NBA player, an MVP candidate. Cousins’ season has been amazing. He is currently number 4 in points per game with an average of 27.3, and he is also having a double digit rebound year, with an average of a 11.3 Rebounds.

So, if Cousins doesn’t become MVP for 2016, then I will honestly have to say that the Centers in the NBA, aren’t getting the respect that they deserve. I mean let’s talk about the fact that the NBA hasn’t crowned an MVP at the Center position since 2003, (which was won by Tim Duncan). That was about 13 years ago and since then we haven’t seen a NBA Center win an MVP since that year. I mean in my mind this NBA 2015-2016 season, is the best season for all centers. I honestly feel that the NBA’s future among the Center position is very bright. We have guys like Karl Anthony Towns,(who is a first year player out of Kentucky) Andre Drummond, Anthony Davis, Hassan Whiteside, Deandre Jordan and many more. But the most important and talented guy out of the Center position is DeMarcus Cousins, the guy has a stat sheet that not many big man in the history of the NBA have.

He can shoot threes, he can rebound the ball real well, he can score a lot of points, he blocks shots, he can steal the ball away from his opponent, he is a average free throw shooter and he is a very good passer for a Center like him in his size, his ability to get to the rim is the best part of his offense.

But his defense is just as good as his offense; the guy is one of the best defenders in the NBA. He can do it all there’s not one player in the NBA that has similar contributions to Cousins defensive and offensive game.

What makes Cousins such a Darkhorse in the MVP race, is the fact that we haven’t seen a Center win an MVP since 2003, which has been for over a decade. Another reason that makes Cousins such a Dark Horse in the MVP race, is the fact that he is currently with a basketball team that’s not in the playoffs yet, so in order for Cousins to actually win against other candidates such as Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry, Lebron James, James Harden, and John Wall (who are the frontrunners for the MVP crown also) him and his team have to be in the NBA Playoffs, so that he can become the 2016, NBA MVP which in my mind he will, so in my prediction the Sacramento Kings will make it to the Playoffs, which will then allow DeMarcus Cousins to become the 2016 NBA MVP.

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