What I see when I go to Senn

by: Sandy Cervantes (Freshman), April Arriaga (Sophomore), and Asim Ali (Freshman)

Many students reflected on their trip to and from Senn with videos. As Senn draws from various parts of the city, the reflections were quite different.

Sandy Cervantes (Freshman)

In my video, I used pictures to illustrate my complicated journey to school every day. It takes me approximately an hour and a half to get to school. So daily 3 hours of my time is used just to get to school and back. In my video I just show my morning routine but my afternoon routine is even more hectic. On school days I would come home at around 9 pm from all the activities I contribute to. The purpose of my video was just to show everyone how hard and frustrating it is for me to get to school and how I´m going to have to go through with this for 4 years until I graduate. I guess what I mean to say is that the times that I am tardy is not for a silly reason like waking up late. Sometimes my transportation is delayed and there´s nothing I can do about it. The message I´m trying to illustrate is that there are a lot of people with long commutes and maybe we should be sympathetic towards them because in the end they just are really frustrated from their long commute.

April Arriaga (Sophomore) 

My video consists of the trip that I have experienced every morning for the last 2 years. Beginning in the south side of Chicago to the north side high school Senn. This video explains the reasons we come to school every day.

Asim Ali (Freshman) 

In my video what goes on is my daily life from when I wake up to when its time to go to sleep. The purpose of me writing this piece was to get others attention because some people around the world don’t have the opportunity to play basketball, so I really wanted to show my appreciation. My other purpose was to show people what a daily life of an athlete looks like. To me basketball means the world to me takes out all my emotions and negativity and switches it to becoming positive its the only sport that brings the whole community together. The message my piece shows is a life of a basketball player and how they would wake up and start their day.

3 thoughts on “What I see when I go to Senn

  1. Hello! my name is Patrice Pierre Romela I took the 3rd & 4th ESL classes with Miss Moreno.
    I will answer directly to the question asked ..

    @Answer: For me, this project is not in common with me because I live very close to the school in 15 minutes walk.pas all the temp Often, I neglected this than done and takes delays. Thanks I appreciate this project.
    Pierre P. Romela


  2. I don’t have nothing in common with this person because my home is close to the school I just take like 20 minutes for get to the school and I have time to myself in the morning, drink a coffe or take a shower if a want to, for me it’s not that difficult to get to the school!!


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