What Senn does to stay safe

By Elian Sanchez (Freshman)

Senn has improved security measures over time just to maintain a safe environment for students as well as teachers and staff.

Mostly all schools have metal detectors, cameras, and police officers that can help protect the lives of students. Students can notify authorities of any valuable information that can help prevent an incident from happening at school.

Many school have prevention programs in place. FBI School Shooter Quick Reference Guide states, “In around 80% of school shootings at least one person had information that the attacker was thinking about or planning the school attack. In nearly 2/3, more than one person had information about the attack before it occurred. In nearly all of these cases, the person who knew was a peer, a friend, schoolmate, or sibling.”

While being asked how a mass shooting can be prevented, Senn counselor Daniel Connor said, “I think by having a good communication with staff and students and knowing what to do in situations that are dangerous, any incident can be prevented.”

Much like Connor, Senn librarian Ellen Damlich knew that by having a good relationship with students and the community can prevent such incidents from possibly happening.

“If I were really in charge of school protection,” Damlich says, “ I would definitely have more community outreach services, more social workers, and additional staff to help with social and emotional being of our school community.”

Likewise, Senn Counselor Alexander Roi agreed with the idea to have a good relationship with everyone can be our best way to prevent any situation from happening.

“I personally and professionally believe that forming a good relationship with students can be our best way of stopping one of those situations from possibly happening.” Roi said.

With the increase of school shootings many teachers, families, and more importantly students are worried that a mass shooting would happen again so our best option is to have a solid relationship with the community, students, staff, and teachers so nothing can happen that may endanger lives of anyone inside schools.
“Just in case anything happens here,” Roi said, “ Pierce should know about it, Swift should know about it, Hayt should know about it because bullets just don’t stay in one area. People who are causing those problems don’t just stay in one area.” Roi concludes.

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