Bernie: The Voice of the Voiceless

By: Kendall Jackson Jr. (Sophomore)

With the presidential race starting to shift to one representative for each party, I begin to realize how important it is to vote. I could be one of those people who say “I’m not gonna vote cause voting is stupid. My vote doesn’t matter because the government is corrupt!” I’m here to tell you that your vote does 100% matter. One vote can change the tide in any one of those candidates that want to represent us as the people. The same people who often complain how the government is corrupt and don’t care about us is the same people who don’t get up and vote. Not casting a vote for someone who is fighting for your inalienable rights is a barrier you are setting up for not only yourself but millions of others. Not voting is a form of silent oppression that you are accepting. Vote for someone you have faith and sparks that passion in your heart when you hear them speak. That person for me is Senator Bernie Sanders and hope to open your eyes as well.

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