Sophomore Class: It’s Time To Get College Ready!… Or Is It?

By: Danyelle Collymore (Sophomore)

In this stage of their lives do sophomores struggle when preparing for college? Does money play a role? Or do they just not want to take it as serious as they should?

Senn sophomores struggle with going to college and preparing for it since most students aren’t financially ready.

Money plays a big role in students preparing for college because of the fact that they have to pay for textbooks, classes and even housing. Since not all students can pay for college the way others can, that usually results in students having to take out student loans. Taking out loans can put you in some serious student debt and there’s no telling how long you’ll be trying to pay it off.

According to the School Family article, “What Parents And Teachers Can Do To Help With The Preparing Of College” parents, teachers and high school students know what options they have and what they could do in the process of getting ready for it. The article says that it isn’t good to pressure sophomores into thinking about college. They shouldn’t stress themselves about the future just yet, but stay focused on what they’re doing now and worry about that when the time comes.

Students not really having the motivation or time to look into colleges can also contribute to them not taking it seriously. According to CBS MoneyWatch article,“7 Things Sophomores Should Be Doing.” Sophomore students should take the time to start researching colleges, visit schools and take part in many extracurricular activities.

Going to college can also be seen as a joke by many students. Some see it as a time for fun and parties and some just don’t want to go. So what do teachers do to help students choose the right path in life?

Jennifer Hessenthaler, a 10th grade American Literature teacher at Senn High School tries to not put too much pressure on her sophomores into going to and/or preparing for college because it isn’t for everyone.

“By saying ‘Oh you should go to college’, we’re giving them the idea that they’re ready for it when their not,” she says,“So I don’t pressure kids because at the end of the day you determine your own happiness.”

Along with Hessenthaler, Alexis Jefferson, a Sophomore at Senn thinks that they already have enough pracing at home from their parents and they most definitely don’t want to hear about preparing for college all school year.

“My mom really wants me to take that step and start getting ready to go to college,” she says, “I’m looking into which ones I should go to, but I don’t really know if I’m ready, honestly.”

Unlike Jefferson, Amundsen Sophomore Kalip Thomas doesn’t really take going to college seriously since money plays a big role in his decision. He doesn’t have money to pay such a high tuition for a four year college.

“College isn’t something that I think about,” he says “Simply because I’m not worried about it. When the time comes, I might actually consider going, but then again probably not since money is tight around here.”

An article found on Business Insider, says that most students aren’t prepared for college, the college level courses or sometimes not even the freedom that was so much wanted.

Meanwhile, while Sophomores think about college and what their next steps are, a Senn Junior Kerriyana Vaughn, thinks that Sophomores should take it as something serious because when the time comes you don’t wanna be sitting around looking crazy or feeling stuck while everyone else is getting ready to go off to college.

“I can’t be any more excited to go off to college. I guess I can’t wait to have a little more freedom and be myself. College should most definitely be taken seriously because it’s gonna help you in the long run.” she says, “Even if money plays a big role. You can always find a way around it.”

In an article found on Business Insider, says that most students aren’t prepared for college, the college level courses or sometimes not even the freedom that was so much wanted. “What Young People Should Know Before Going To College.”

Although Loyola college Junior, Maria Riegel, feels that it’s good to take it serious but if not, that’s okay too since everybody has there own style and different views on life and it’s not a crime if you have other options for yourself. College isn’t mandatory for anyone.

“Even if you may not know what you want to study yet it’s so important to explore different colleges, or if college isn’t for you explore different passions and interests.” she says, “It is never early to start thinking about the future.”

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