Freshmen First Finals

By: Kirsten Ceralde Freshman The students of Senn High School recently took their finals during January 30-31. I’m writing this article specifically speaking to the freshman’s as they finished their first finals. I myself believed I did an outstanding job in most classes, but also struggled with some. I, like many of my freshmen classmates, … More Freshmen First Finals

Divorce and the Effect it Has on Adult and Teenage Children

By: Shazya Akthar Sophomore Divorce shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they always impact the most important people in one’s life – children, especially teenagers and their own adolescence years. Even though I was born in America and my parents are from Bangladesh, divorce is taboo there and generally in all desi countries. My dislike of … More Divorce and the Effect it Has on Adult and Teenage Children

Story of a Teacher

By: Insha Yousuf Sophomore Michael Cullinane is a 39 year old Journalism teacher at Senn High School, living in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and kid. He likes to travel to different countries so before he got married, he went Japan to teach English from 2009 to 2011. Teaching in Japan … More Story of a Teacher