Freshmen First Finals

By: Kirsten Ceralde


The students of Senn High School recently took their finals during January 30-31. I’m writing this article specifically speaking to the freshman’s as they finished their first finals. I myself believed I did an outstanding job in most classes, but also struggled with some.

I, like many of my freshmen classmates, wondered if the relationship between teachers and their students corresponds to how well the students did on finals.

I decided to ask some of my marvelous teachers how freshman’s tested. Erica Montenegro, one of the science teachers, had a lot of positive things to say about the finals. She said, “They did really well, we had our higher average in the 90-91% and the lowest class average was 82%.”

My Spanish teacher, Nicole Luo, also noticed a positive trend. She said, “there is a higher percentage of kids doing well this year than in previous years.”

Math teacher and swimming coach, Todd Gross, attempted to warn his students to prepare for finals since early in the school year. His most common tip was, “Start now, start collecting materials now,” meaning we shouldn’t throw our work out as soon as it’s returned.

Hearing from a teacher perspective about the finals at the most, sounds refreshing knowing we did better than previous years. I also asked four freshmen from different programs how finals went for them, and had many mixed reviews.

Anna Kulikova believed that finals were easy, she said, “I did every study guide, and studied all week.” Even though she did good in the finals she also wished that the teachers “provided stuff that are going to be on the test, and not just non-sense”.

Another student name Mel Elizalde believed finals were a breeze, she said, “finals didn’t stress me out.” I asked her what she did to prepare, she said, “I didn’t really study a lot, but I paid attention when I was in class. ” She also made a statement for the teachers saying, “If all your students aren’t on the right track, don’t move on, make sure all your students are on pace”.

Other students, including Josaline Golota, said finals felt “like getting stomped on with Timberlands”.

Josh Burns also felt the same way claiming “finals sucked, I failed some of my exams, it was stressful and not enjoyable” but he also admitted that “I only really payed attention towards the end of the semester, but I’m definitely going to do a better job doing my work.”

The freshman students had mixed feelings about finals, but whoever I spoke to, they all said they have space for improvement. As for the teachers, they can also help the students by making it clearer what would be on the exam.

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