Senn teacher shout out 2017

By Mayra Staven (Junior)

Teachers have tough jobs and February is always a challenging month to keep us students motivated and on task.

Reagan Ivie (Senior), Kameha Spearman (Senior), and Michael Cullinane (Digital Journalism Teacher) decided to walk around Senn to ask student to give a shout out to teachers and explain how they have changed their life’s or have made it easier for them.

Many student are happy and thankful for the help their teachers has given them. Senn student Tobias Wimmer said, “Mr. Galligan for helping me further more my education in history”

Us kids understand life can be hard and can have its ups and downs. One Senn student said “I wanna give a shout out to Ms. Bares for always being here and always coming to school with a positive attitude, even though things are really hard.”

Many student have seemed to enjoy giving shout outs to teachers and were very supporting on letting the teachers feel better and push them on the way they push us.

Thank you teachers for all your hard work, and putting up with us. Hope you know we appreciate you.

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