Seven questions about the SAT answered by Ms. Boatman

By: Mayra Staven


This year on April 5th, we Juniors have to take the SATs. In our disadvantage, in the past years it has been the ACT, so not many people know about this test and how we can prepare for it. Although our teachers try their best to help us get ready for them, some of us are still a little scared about the outcome. Our school has decided to help us out with some SAT practice classes after school, I decided to get some information from one of our counselors, Ms. Boatman. 

1: Why did we have to switch to the SAT this year?
“CPS made the decision to switch from concentrating on the ACT to the SAT.  Both are college entrance exams. Colleges will look at either. They can also take the ACT, outside of school on a national test day.  See your counselor for more information.”
2: What are your views on the SAT?

“The SAT, like an other standardized test, is a necessity.  Colleges use it to see how you do in comparison to all other youth your age in the nation.  Just like they use your GPA to compare you within your home school.  So, I remind you, don’t stress.  Just take the exam and see how you do.”

3: Do you think taking the SATs will really help us?

“SAT help?  I am not sure help is the right classification.  The SAT/ACT is a snap shot of how you do in comparison to other peers across the nation.  This is just ONE part of your college application.  There are many other parts.  I feel it is important to keep that in mind, not put too much emphasis on the test.”
4: How big of a difference do you think the SAT practices will make?
“I look at the SAT/ACT like a game. It is important to know how to play the game. The prep class will help you do this. What subjects and/or parts of subjects will be covered (so what is in play) and skills on how to work through the different problems (so the rules of the game).”
5: What do you think the big difference is between the ACT and the SAT?
“The SAT changed their test in the last year, to be more like the ACT.  However, there hasn’t been enough students who have taken the new SAT to provide a comprehensive comparison. Knowing this, I will again say, you have all been preparing for this over the last 11 years of school by learning, and practicing your curriculum.”
6: What advice would you give to the Juniors this year taking the SATs?
“Your have been preparing for the SAT/ACT since you started school way back in kindergarten. Don’t stress. Take a prep class to better understand the test format, subjects covered but the content you have been learning. The prep class will also let you review the materials that you had in 9th grade that will be on the exam. As always, the night before get good sleep, eat in the morning and be there on time so you are not rushed.”

7: Why do we have to pay $30 for the SAT practice/ review classes?

“With the budget crisis in CPS, Senn needed to charge for a fraction of the cost of the program or we would not be able to offer the class.”

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