Should Abortion be Legal?

First Video By: Esme Perez, Lesley Manzo, and Jonathan Maldonado

Second Video By: Mayra Staven, Nayeli Sandoval, and Jasmine Santos

The abortion debate is returning to the forefront of politics as we appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. Let’s see what the Senn students think about it. Please comment below with your thoughts on the debate and the winner.

12 thoughts on “Should Abortion be Legal?

  1. Interviewer: During the interviewer’s portion of the video I found myself being easily distracted and not as engaged as I should have been due to the lack of pictures. As for the debate, I think the questions were unique and intriguing, but could have been more specific. This topic also allows room for follow-up questions, which should have been taken advantage of.
    Affirmative:Great points about the fetus not becoming developed until a certain time, as well as using a point from the negative side to support your claim (use of adoption centers).
    Negative: Very practical points were made, but next time try to avoid agreeing with the affirmative side on anything (“It is the woman’s right to choose but…”) because it will make you seem less strong in your own views.


  2. I think Lesley won this debate because she talks about how a women feels about carrying a baby for nine months and it’s painful which is something a man can never understand. She explains thoroughly why women should have the right to make the choice about abortion. Abortion is not always a crime. I like the part when she says there is no reason for a baby to come to this world if the parents can’t take care of them. I also liked the part when she says 32,000 pregnancy occurs due to sexsual assult or rape. Lesley brought really important points about why abortion should be regal because it’s our body and our choice. The baby is not fully formed in a week but after certain weeks getting abortion is murdering a baby. So she really was thinking on her feet which then made Jonathan think before he said anything.


  3. I believe Jasmin Santos won because she was answering the questions clearly. Even though she was talking more than Nayeli Sandavol but it helped me to understand the side and the topic. Nayeli looked very confused, it looked like she didn’t understand the question and her answers were usually not explained. On the other hand, Jasmine did explained her ansnwrt, not in detail, but it was clear.


  4. i think the affirmative side won because she stated how Donald Trump “men” period can’t tell or debate on what a women should do with her body it’s her body and they don’t go through the struggles us women go through in life so they can’t understand.


  5. Jonathan Maldonado who was in the affirmative side that he believe that abortion should be legal because the mother is not only affecting herself with the child, nobody should ever have the rights to kill an innocent child who had done no harm to anyone. A baby is never a mistake but a blessing from God and woman who think this is a good thing that they should do to their body whatever they want, well their wrong because basically you are killing someone weather it is formed or not it still has a heartbeat and that we could say murder. They should have a little respect of whats seems to be gods work, if they don’t want the baby like Jonathan said they could guive it up for adoption but killing a harmless baby is wrong.


  6. Jasmine has a good point abortion is a crime because you’re killing a human, a life inside of you. If both lives (the mother and child) were in danger and you have the choice of saving only one life its different. There are now many different ways to prevent pregnancy,


  7. I think Lesley won the debate because her points were well informed and precise. She became more confident in her answers toward the end of the debate which i thought was good and I also like that she talked about how a man shouldn’t make the laws on women’s abortion because they don’t know what a woman goes through during birth or while their carrying the baby, so therefore it shouldn’t be their choice.


  8. Both the sides in the second video did a very good job with explaining their points and I really like how both the sides did their debate. In my opinion, I think the negative side won because the negative side had much more points and facts to say to explain their points further which made the negative side more stronger.


  9. I think Lesley won the debate because she really gave insight on how it feels for a woman hold a baby and give birth. I do think that if the shoe was on the other foot and guys were the ones that had to hold a baby and give birth, the whole thing about abortion would be different. Lesley gave valid facts and backed up all of her statements.


  10. I think Jasmine won because her points were pretty clear while Nayeli was a little thrown off by the questions but still did an amazing job answering them. Jasmine won because she did have more facts and points. Overall it was a great debate!


  11. I think the affirmative won this debate because hi points made a lot of sense and he seemed devoted to the subject. This video was great and love how people showed passion.


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