Should some high school courses be offered online?

By: Jennifer Jaramillo, Insha Yousuf, and Khadeeja Ali

In 2nd period Journalism class, we debated whether online classes were appropriate for high school students. Please share your comments below.

10 thoughts on “Should some high school courses be offered online?

  1. I think that Insha Youf won because she had a lot to say, good points and also good facts from the things she researched. They both did great but maybe could work on speaking up.


  2. i think this debate was a win-win because both the affirmative side and negative side had good explanation and explained why there should be online classes or why there should not be.


  3. Insha Yousuf won because I feel like she did good research and she knows what she’s talking about. How she said on online classes students could easily cheat on tests. Overall she did good, everything was clear. All her facts caught my attention


  4. I believe Insha Yousuf won because she explained her facts clearly and it was easy to understand. Also she was clear that why her side is good like why online classes are bad. it was hard to decide between Khadija and Insha, but I think Insha did it better.


  5. I believe that Khideejaa Ali who was in the negative side won because of her strong arguments toward this situation, which she had a lot of statements why some school not offer online courses. Students wouldn’t have the same interaction as online because if you have question you need to email the professor and have to wait until he responds.


  6. It was a little hard to hear but in my personal opinion they both did great and the winner in my opinion would be Insha because she did have a lot of good facts to say one of them was ” in traditional classes students cant cheat but online they can cheat”.


  7. I feel like the negative side of this argument won the debate because the affirmative side had a strong argument but she kept mentioning a couple or negative things about online courses which weakened her argument. Overall good debate on both sides!


  8. I think Insha Yousuf won the debate because she has good points and more facts that made her side of the argument stronger. She backup her points with explanation and how online classes shouldn’t be offer such as cheating became easier, difficult for students without social engagement with teachers, and how students get fake degree, while the affirmative side gets negative which makes her side of the debate weaker.


  9. I think they both had good view points but I think Insha Yousuf won the debate because I agree with her view points and she had stronger points and I agree with her with side but they both did well


  10. Khidejaa ali won because she had arguments to support why some high school courses shouldn’t be offered online and the negative affects it would have on students and disadvantages it would have on students and why it wouldn’t be use full other than that the affirmative side had some good arguments but all set aside the negative side had stronger counter arguments to support it’s facts


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