Should Sports Heroes Be Fined for Bad Behavior?

By Barira Sheikh, Sandy Cervantes, and Olabisi Efunnuga (Sophomores)

Please enjoy the following video debate featured in Period 2 Digital Journalism. We’d appreciate your comments below to reflect and share who you believe the winner is.

8 thoughts on “Should Sports Heroes Be Fined for Bad Behavior?

  1. I really liked sandy staying strong in the debate and Bisi did great as well but she just needs to think things through a little more but over all they did great.


  2. Sandy was awesome I think she won the debate because her facts were just on point and the three points that she was giving out were just flawless, I loved the Charles Barkley commercial that she showed which by the way I have never seen so good job to both Olabisi and Sandy but Sandy did her job better.


  3. Sandy was very good in her part,and explained her points very briefly. Her points and facts were on point with her strong argument against the topic. Of course she won this debate.


  4. I thought the negative side one because she spoke clearly, and had her facts, she had the real life events including famous people and explained how they supported her own statement.


  5. For this debate, whether sports heroes should be fined for bad behavior, I was unable to determine who’s the winner because both Sandy and Olabisi has a strong points on their side. They have backup explanation to supports their side which makes both the side has a strong and powerful reasons. Overall, this debate was very open minded and they both did a great job staying on the topic.


  6. I think Sandy won because her points were the strongest, she had all her facts straight and knew what she was talking about, another thing I really liked was she wouldn’t stay on one fact/point for too long which is good. Overall they both did an amazing job!


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