Should high school students take a gap year before college?

By Sana Damani, Shakira Burney, and Alvaro Toledo

Many students feel burned out on education after high school. So, is it better to take a gap year and regroup and refresh or go to college straightaway? This group will debate the pros and cons and ask you to comment in the comments section.

15 thoughts on “Should high school students take a gap year before college?

  1. I won the debate because i gave good facts and clear opinions at times. I spoke clearly and got right to the point in my arguments; I didn’t over explain. One of the good facts i made was when i said that Harvard and Princeton love it when you take a gap year and they actually give you scholarships if you have taken a gap year.


  2. I said, “high school” instead of college in the classroom debate and please don’t say thing of my other mess-ups in the comment section. “Thank you”


  3. Sana’s introduction was thorough and summarized important facts from each side of the argument well. I also liked the pictures she chose.

    Shakira didn’t say right in the beginning what her argument was, but that’s not a huge problem because I figured it out quickly. The first video she used had relevant information and was the perfect length. I maybe wouldn’t have included the second skydiving video, though – it sort of comes out of nowhere and is confusing because the viewer doesn’t know why it’s there. I like how she outlined her points with “first point,” “second point” and third point,” so I knew exactly when one argument ended and the next one began. I think Shakira could have mixed up the photos a little – it seemed like most of them were focused on travel, even when she wasn’t talking about traveling. Overall her video was well done and I found her arguments convincing!

    Alvaro had a lot of compelling points. I like how he summarized his points with text on the screen, for example “#3 The costs and reasons of taking a gap year.” This let me know where he was in his arguments. The video was a little rushed – I think he could have slowed it down and taken more time to explain his points. His photos were chosen well, and I think he could have included a few more photos. Overall this was a solid video with good arguments.

    In the debate, everyone spoke confidently and it was obvious they knew their arguments really well and had done a lot of research. Sana’s questions were thoughtful and took both sides into consideration. Some of the editing was kind of weird because the video cuts in the middle of people making an argument. I liked how Alvaro wasn’t afraid to agree with the opposing argument in the last question, but I think he should have related it back to his argument as well.


  4. i think that they did a good job both of them beacuse they tried hard i do believe that the positive side won beacuse she said a good point with travel and the pictures were very detail oriented when she said you could save money its true


  5. I think Shakira won the debate as she had good control. Her points were clearer and easy to understand. I think the points should have been explained further though.


  6. Well, Shakira has very clear facts about the high school student should take a gap year and travel around the world, she is basically saying to feel the atmosphere of the education in the different countries.


  7. I think the affirmative side won the debate just because the affirmative side had a strong argument and I feel like the negative side had some really strong points in the video portion and didn’t say in the actual debate. Overall good job on both sides!


  8. I would say Shakira won the debate because she had some strong arguments about why taking a gap year can help students. I also liked the part when she talks about which colleges prefer you taking gap year because if you take a gap year then you come back mature and you actually save up some money for college. Taking a gap year can fresh your mind and I also liked when she says going to school for 12+ year and then going to college burns out most students. Shakira gave really good details about why we students take a gab year and she also talks about what she would do after high school. She also says how many students take a gap year and how many of them come back which is 90@. So taking a gap year and coming back to college has a higher chance.
    Sana did a great job introducing the topic and Alvaro also did a great job talking about why students shouldn’t take a gab year. I enjoyed the video! GREAT JOB!


  9. Shakira won because she knew what she was doing, she had a grip on the flow of the conversation and kept explaining her facts like it was nobodies business, Alvaro could have explained more and tried to counter attack her statements, but she held strong against everything he said.


  10. I think the affirmative side won because she seemed to be more in control during the debate. She also seemed more prepared to debate the information and I also learned that Harvard and other good colleges like when people take a gap year.


  11. I think Shakira won the debate because she gave great facts to support her points. She explain her points clearly without sounding confusing. Overall, it was a good debate.


  12. I think Shakira won because she had strong and concise arguments. She took control of the debate with all of her points, which were strong, but I feel like she could’ve explained her arguments a little bit more. The questions Sana made were really good because both sides were able to answer it w/o her changing it up a little bit. Overall it was a good video and debate.


  13. They both did good, great facts from both sides, but I think Shakira won because she gave great details and facts with every answer. He knew what she had to say and didnt take too long to say it, and also spoke clearly.


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