Should the NBA Draft Lottery system be changed?

By: Maria Yanez, Jordan Malone, and Sayed Mohammad

The NBA Draft is an exciting time for the players and fans alike. But is it fair? Let’s see what some Senn students think about this issue. Please comment in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “Should the NBA Draft Lottery system be changed?

  1. I believe that the positive side has won. Because he was showing and telling what the purpose of the draft is and how it damages the NBA style.He also gave examples and explained them a bit more than the negative side.Lastly his images were more relevant and he stayed in the topic more.Overall good debate that was really awesome.


  2. The affirmative, which is Sayed Mohammad, won this debate because his 3 points were clear, everything he said was clear and concise, and he easily explained the points he made on the in-class debate.


  3. Affirmative won because of his good points he brought up I really liked when he said many NBA teams lose on purpose so in the near future they can rebuild their roster and have young and fresh players on their team and when he said NBA do it just for TV ratings.


  4. Affirmative side won because although i dont know much about sports Sayed explained the whole process of the lottery system very well and i could tell he was very passionate about his topic because he knew a lot about it.


  5. The affirmative side won because he gave a lot of good points in the debate and also in his video and i liked on how was so positive about himself and how he also was talking about other sports do the same as the NBA


  6. Change the system. Make the last ten regular season games more meaningful and exciting. Here’s my suggestion: Abolish the conference divisions. Just have East and West conferences. Each team plays teams in the other conference twice (2 x 15 teams = 30 games) They’ll play teams in the same conference thrice (3 x 14 teams = 42 games). Their record after 72 games determines the playoff-bound, and draft-bound teams.

    Often the last few regular season games are meaningless. Who want’s to see a strong playoff team play against a tanking team? So for the last ten games, the 8 playoff teams carry-over their record, and play against each other for positioning, the top teams play against the bottom playoff teams twice to make up the difference.

    Similarly, the draft-bound teams play against each other. But they do NOT carry-over their record. The “best” bad teams after ten-games gets draft picks #1 to #4. The first tie-break rule should be point differential to make every possession count as much as possible. Draft picks #5 to #8 goes to the remaining four bad teams according to overall record (worst to “best”). That means the worst team, who can’t win gets no worse than #5 pick. A lot of good players were picked after #5 (e.g. Dwyane Wade, Kevin Love, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, etc). This is where a savvy GM becomes more valuable since the best available players wouldn’t be so obvious.

    As a corollary, future 1st round draft picks should no longer be tradable so teams play for draft picks for themselves. There’s no incentive to win if they’re playing for a 1st round pick going to another team.

    It’ll help solve the issue of tanking. Either you make the playoff’s, or play for best draft picks.


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