Should the US tax the wealthy 1% more?

By Adolfo Benitez, Elian Sanchez, and Mostafa Sheikh

Is it fair that the wealthy make so much money and don’t contribute a larger portion of their income to fund programs like free college? Let’s see what these students have to say about it. Please comment below.

9 thoughts on “Should the US tax the wealthy 1% more?

  1. Good Debate but overall i believe the negative side won. Because he had really strong evidence and facts to support his opinion and he kept firing back when the positive side would say something.And lastly he stayed on the topic more since he did not just keep talking about college.


  2. The affirmative side won because he was stating different points while one the same topic and the negative side was one one point on the same topic.


  3. Great debate! The facts and statistics provided supported the arguments and the topic was pretty interesting. But as to who won, I can’t say as there are many factors when it comes to this issues. But the negative certainly had the upper hand.


  4. I think the affirmative side won because he went through other points and stated way more facts that backed him up. He also seemed like he knew what he was going to say.


  5. I think the negative side won because he seemed to be very informed on the topic and not only did he provide his opinion he also stated facts which helped to support his claims. Also he stayed on topic the whole time but I feel like sometimes the debate started focusing more on college.


  6. I feel like the affirmative side one because they stated more points on one topic, while the other seemed to be saying kinda the same thing just in different words. Affirmative paid more attention and had their research notes memorized.


  7. Mostafa Sheik won because he spoke clearly in both his video and debate. He also was good at coming up with arguments. A key argument that made him win was that loans take most of a person’s lifetime to pay off. This shows how the 99% stay in the 99% and continue paying taxes.


  8. I think Affirmative won the debate because he use very good facts during the debate and he use strong example that support his side and also he have good reason why rich people should pay taxes.


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