Should animal testing be banned?

By: Anita Williams, Destiny Rogers, and Karina Pineda

Animal testing leads to many benefits for people, but it is very harmful to the animals that unwillingly participate. Please comment below with your thoughts.

10 thoughts on “Should animal testing be banned?

  1. There is a lot of good information in this video, but not enough pictures! I think it would have been helpful to include more information supporting both sides of the arguments in the introduction. Some of the audio editing is a little wonky, which makes parts of the video hard to understand. I liked the charts included in the video. The part talking about how we should test on animals was cut off quickly, and there was no video about the negative side of animal testing.

    The live debate was very good! Everyone knew their information and had strong arguments. Great job!


  2. Negative side won because she had a lot of good points, a lot to talk about, she brought up good counterarguments. Like how she said animals aren’t that different from us humans.


  3. The negative side won because she gave a lot of thoughtful point and she also explains the argument in an awesome way. I like when she said animal have the same pain like the human does.


  4. I think the negative side won because she had good points and explained them very well and added her opinions in it a little to top it off against the affirmative side. She was not confused or giving short one word answers.


  5. I think the negative won because she was able to give good and reasonable responses, she also was able to explain and support her facts. She was also really bold with her answers.


  6. Although her video was a bit confusing, I believe that Destiny won as the negative because she had a lot to say and knew what she was going to say when it was time. Great job to both though.


  7. The video was very confusing because there were parts that were missing and there wasn’t a positive side video. But all in all I think the negative side won the debate because she had very good points. Both the sides did very good but the winner would be the negative side.


  8. I think that the negative side won because her arguments were well prepared and she knew what she was talking about.She also had many facts which benefit her stance on the topic.And also the positive side was also agreeing with the negative side which would makes the audience see that the negative side has a good argument


  9. In my opinion the Affirmative side won because its not fair that animals are being used only for science and not be able to live a normal and healthy life. They should have the chance to be free and not in a cage ready to be injected some sort of medicine to see if it kills them or not. which you guys should check out at this is whats happening right now and everyone is in favor that animal testing should not be banned.


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