Should Milo Yiannopoulos Be Given The Opportunity To Express His Opinion?

By: Taylor Nguyen (Junior)

Milo Yiannopoulos, a political speaker, media personality, blogger, journalist and columnist, is currently on tour across the U.S. to speak about his book and divisive opinions.

Yiannopoulos’s controversy ignited about whether or not he has the right to freedom of speech. However, he discusses his thoughts on Islam, social justice, political correctness, feminism, and the LGBTQ community throughout his public tour.

Yiannopoulos is evidently associated with the alt right, white nationalist, as they’re outspoken about being against political correctness and feminism. yet he denies being a part of it. Although, believes it’s “energizing and exciting”.

I quickly introduced Junior, Sandy Cervantes to Yiannopoulos by revealing his contentious famous quotes and asking her a few questions regarding his disposition.

She said, “Unfortunately, he does have the right to express his opinion, yet he’s discriminating women for their bodies and believes they should change themselves to this ideal image. Although, he’s expressing hate in a way that could cause physical and mental harm to women. So, under the the 1st amendment he could be violating it because, he’s endangering others.”

Cervantes shared the opinions of many students at Senn, but in the end Yiannopoulos isn’t violating the 1st amendment since he isn’t promoting violence.Screenshot 2017-12-11 09.33.41

Yiannopoulos speaks at colleges, so it’s unlikely he would speak at Senn. However, imagine him using Senn that has a strong direct student body as a platform to promote his strong judgments. It’s clear it would spark an uproar.

“No one would like him here,” Junior performing arts, Ruby Levin said. “He’s expressing too much hate to even be considered a good example to a wide audience of diverse students.”

Journalism teacher Michael Cullinane said, “I do believe that Milo is using free speech to his advantage. To me he is a provocateur that is obtaining fame by saying things so horrible that they make the news. But I definitely don’t agree with him on any of his views or his journalistic style.”

It’s obvious the large diverse student body wouldn’t even be impressed at all and wouldn’t want Yiannopoulos to speak at Senn.

Journalism teacher Michael Cullinane said, “I agree with Yiannopoulos that violence should not ensue as a result of his speeches.”

Milo Yiannopoulos is a strong commenter among multiple political topics along with disputable opinions. With different news stories coming out everyday it surely gives him different subjects to talk about. In the end, Senn students and teacher will simply have the choice to ignore him or listen what he has to say.

Please check out this Youtube link to see a clip of Milo Yiannopoulos giving a speech.


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