Senn’s opinions on the NFL controversy

By Anna Kulikova (Sophomore)

Senn’s football team supported the NFl when some players took a knee during the national anthem this season.

NFl player, Colin Kaepernick, took a knee during the National Anthem due to the fact

Colin Kaepernick taking a knee

that people of color are being oppressed and didn’t want to show pride to our country. He felt that it was bigger than just football and it would be selfish to look the other way.

This became a big controversy when it was looked at as an unpatriotic act of disrespect

Also, when Donald Trump said that NFL players should be fired for taking a knee because it’s wrong to disrespect the flag, which stirred up controversy.

Since this happened, schools like Whitney Young got involved. Whitney Young’s band took a knee during the national anthem at a prep rally. This led me to ask senn student and faculty some questions.

I asked football coach, Daniel Fisher his opinion and view on the controversy.

Fischer said, “Athletes are using their platform to raise awareness of a social cause they they feel strongly about.  Athletes haven’t always had the ability to do this by either lack of public exposure or fear of losing their job.  It took a lot of courage for Colin Kaepernick to take a knee and make this statement and he’s inspired other players to do the same.”

He also reflected upon if he would support his players if they chose to take a knee.

He said, “I’ve told my players throughout the season that I support their decision to take a knee, I only ask that they are sure to understand what it means and that they feel strongly about what it means.  In other words, don’t do it because your favorite player does it.  Do it because you have something to say.”

I also asked senior varsity football quarterback, Samuel Zeman his opinion on the controversy.

Zeman believes that taking a knee is a good idea. He said, “These professional athletes with their huge fan bases can make a big deal especially for what they’re fighting for.”

Although he thought it was a good idea, he personally didn’t take a knee during the homecoming game.

He said, “for the simple fact that I wouldn’t want to create any controversy as I’m still in high school. I would support everyone of my teammates who do it though because of the reason they’re doing it.”

I’m proud that i go to a school where students opinion and thoughts are accepted, but i also encourage that each student knows the actual reason behind their actions and can always back themselves up.

Senn supports individuals and their ways to speak their mind. Unlike Trump, Senn didn’t view as an act of rebellion, but as a way to express feelings.

Hopefully students can feel empowered to challenge injustice. I hope that in the future that no one will have to challenge authority or injustice and citizens feel welcomed and proud of their country.

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