Back to the 90s

By Kirsten Ceralde and Anna Kulikova (Sophomores)

This past year we have seen 90s fashion coming back with creative teens who aren’t afraid to step out of society’s comfort zone.

90’s fashion was said to be the best decade for fashion, with endless possibilities starting from velvets to chokers, colorful windbreaker and, denim top to bottom. Although there were minor setback in the 90s era, nevertheless the creativity and the originality was sure to be exposed at this generation.

Senn students being known for their creativity and fashion had positive thoughts on 90s fashion coming back.

Ria Benares, a dancer at Senn high school said, “I don’t see it as much in the streets but I’ve been seeing it a lot in school and on the internet.” When asked if she would join the trend, she said, “Most definitely, I love the cargo pants, mom jeans, colorful oversized windbreakers, I think people at that time where just so free and loose to wear what they want.”

Senn student, Tommy Ngo also had thoughts about 90s fashion and told us what pieces he sees coming back. Tommy said, “I see windbreakers, ripped jeans, cuffed pants, Pumas, Vans, Champion.”

I also asked Senn student, Mel Elizalde, what pieces she sees coming back and she said, “Jennifer Aniston’s character from friends is  good example. She has a good variety of fashion and people are bringing it back.”

Another student named Leah Hernandez, sophomore said she would wear the velvet, fishnet tights, and windbreaker, when asked where do you think fashion is headed for in the future she said, “I feel like it’s going back to the past but their using more nicer material so you can wear it and it mixes with the modern style we have now.”

In addition, Kenneth Anthony, sophomore mentioned how he would rock the 90’s fit but depending on exactly what those pieces where. He said, “I’d wear the big ole chains, and the windbreakers, but you would not see me with a shirt 10 times my size, that’s over with.”

Even the legendary Bruno Mars and Cardi B join the 90s fashion train, displaying that with their new music video “Finesse.” The music video was filled with 90s fit, starting with Cardi B’s oversized hoops, to Brunos color block outfit. This video was also inspired by a show “In Living Color” that first aired on 1990.

All together we see a lot of 90s fashion come up here and there. Teens and celebrities are prime examples of 90s fashion coming back.

Although people don’t have a problem with it coming back, some just feel like its out of their comfort zone while others are open to it.

It’s nice to see such a trendy and fashionable era coming back, but also still keeping it 2018. Maybe in the future there will be more eras coming back and becoming so iconic as this one.

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