Senn teachers gives advice for future runners

By Tommy Ngo (Sophomore/Cross Country Member)

Joseph Lev and Martin Galligan, both teachers at Senn, ran a marathon this school year and gave some advice for future runners and those hoping to run a marathon some day.

I am a runner myself. This was my first year ever running on a team. I used to practice for track but never competed in a meet until this year.

I talked to Joseph Lev and Martin Galligan about their running experience after their big marathon race and in general about running.

Joseph Lev, Social Studies Department Chair who recently ran a marathon, said, “This time, like I ran through a wall. I was disappointed that I worked hard in training and did not have the race that I wanted; however, the joy and pride of finishing a marathon is what makes it truly special. Knowing that I can run 26.2 miles makes me confident I will survive the Zombie Apocalypse.”

I ran with Joseph Lev during a practice of mine. We ran about 5 miles straight without stopping until the very last moment where I needed water. Throughout the practice he talked to me about keep my head up, back straight and always looking ahead towards the future.

Running is not only a good way of exercising, but it’s also a stress reliever. It can help build a strong mindset as Lev said. “When you run long distances, you spend hours and hours training and preparing and you hope that your body is prepared. However, when it gets tired, sore and you feel like you can go no further, it is your mind that must rise to the challenge. The mind conquers the body on these long runs. The mind ultimately is the part that finishes the run.”

When I was running my first time ever it was a rough start I had a lot of problems that were very little. Running without my back straight, not looking up, and not having a certain running technique/ breathing form.

I asked Martin Galligan on his marathon experience he said, “Training for the marathon was a great experience.”

He continued saying, “Running has always provided me with the opportunity to clear my head and at the end I always feel more relaxed than I normally do. Running also provides me with a routine and helps to keep me disciplined. I logged a lot of miles and race day is always amazing!”

Running in XC races is a very hard thing. Especially when you’re up against top schools and weather is sometimes a key factor. Lev said, “This is all dependent on the weather. There is certainly something to wearing lightweight wicking gear that you feel comfortable in, but everyone is different.”

Running is a great thing to do. It just depends on how you approach it. Hopefully in the future Senn’s Cross Country team can become a big thing and running can help one with their problems in life.

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